FAQs about amber teething necklace

What is Amber?

45 million years ago, the Palanga region of the Lithuanian shoreline was lined with dense, ancient forests. Resin ran throughout the trunks and branches of these prehistoric pines, nurturing them and providing protection against viruses and infections. So lush, this resin wept from the trees and was washed by the rains into the ocean and rivers. After nestling beneath the ocean mud and river rocks, this resin fossilized and became the radiant pieces we source every day for our teething products.

How does amber teething necklace work?

These beautiful ‘stones’ are actually dormant pods of healing. Inside the amber is a surprisingly high concentration of succinic acid, a natural analgesic that served the ancient pine it came from in much the same way as it will serve your baby. Once the amber necklace heats to body temperature, this all-natural compound gently enters your baby’s bloodstream and releases all its ancient healing powers. Your baby’s pain will be reduced, his immune system boosted and the depth of his sleep greatly enhanced. Side effect free, the teething necklace is an excellent choice for parents who have made the choice to respect the natural balance of their baby’s body from the very beginning

What are the benefits of healing necklace?

Although every baby’s temperament and body composition is different, the majority of parents report amazing results with our teething necklace. Babies moods improve, the pain decreases and they experience deeper, more restful sleeps.

Is amber teething necklace safe?

Your teething necklace should be a perfect fit - tight enough to remain on your child, but not so loose that it can find its way into your child’s mouth or fall off and become lost. The easy on, easy off clasp is checked several times before shipping to ensure that there are no sharp edges to cause discomfort. Is is also thoroughly examined to be sure each individual knots before and after the amber pieces are tight and secure. We recommend that babies would sleep with no jewelry on them and remind our customers that despite the name, the teething necklace is not meant to be chewed or sucked on. Although all the amber pieces are specifically chosen in sizes that don’t pose a choking risk, the healing properties of the amber are absorbed through the skin and not through the mouth!!

What makes our teething products different?

We are a small company with a big commitment to quality. Because only 100 % Baltic Sea Amber has such a high concentration of succinic acid, we ensure that it is hand picked from the Palanga shoreline in beautiful Lithuania. We invite all our clients to examine our certificate of authenticity online and include personalized certificates with each and every teething necklace. We don’t want you to waste your money on fake necklace, plastic beads or corrupted compounds that have no effect on teething whatsoever!

Reviews and Testimonials

Our product has been reviewed by "Our Heart & Home" blog. Review can be found on: http://www.ourheartandhome.com/2014/05/amber-teething-necklace/