Authentic amber teething necklace

Genuine amber teething necklaces

Parents of babies are perhaps the easiest demographic to take advantage of. In a state of sleep desperation and emotional vulnerability, they’ve been known to pretty much buy anything that promises peace and a little bit of quiet.

We want you to be sure that what you are spending your money on is effective.

We want you to trust that you’ve made the right purchase and that what your baby is wearing against his/her skin is the best possible quality.

That’s why, unlike the majority of companies, we take an extra step to ensure that our remedies are exactly what we say they are.

After we personally harvest the amber we send it directly to the State Research Institute Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology. There, a group of internationally acclaimed scientists and geologist use a FT-IR spectrometer to perform infrared measurements. Once their purity has been established, these 100 % authentic pieces of Baltic amber are sent to production to become the beautiful remedy that arrive at our customer’s doors worldwide.

genuine amber certificate

Amber teething necklace personalization

Every amber product comes with a Personalized Authenticity Tag. The tag can be issued to you, your baby or other person (if the your are buying necklace as a gift). The tag also contains the date of manufacture.

Amber teething necklace tag

Sealed Packaging

All products come in specially designed boxes. The box is filled with linen and straw to keep the teething necklace in place. The package is sealed with a wax stamp to ensure it hasn't been open in it's way to the new owner.

unique packaging authentic box necklace authentic product