It is not us who make amber teething necklace

We are a family of dedicated naturalists who absolutely deliver product created by nature

Our home is the Lithuanian village of Palanga, a beautiful seaside town that enjoys a life almost totally unspoiled by the stresses of modern urban life. We try to infuse our products with this sense of harmony and positive energy that is a hallmark of our city.

One of the smaller countries in the European Union, our country has been labeled as a land of ‘very high human development’ by the United Nations. Typically, our people have strong ties to both tradition and nature, which is perfectly reflected in our commitment to a natural cure for your baby’s discomfort.

We love spending the day beach combing and river wading to find the perfect piece of amber to make the teething necklace which will help your baby’s teething almost as much as we love hearing about how our products have given families world wide a little bit of the peace and quiet of our hometown.

Our contact details:
Address: V. Grybo st. 7 Vilnius, Lithuania LT-10313