Amber Teething Necklace - the Natural Alternative

Raw Amber Teething Necklace

Raw Amber Teething Necklace
Raw products are the most natural of all our products, having the most succinic acid it makes them most effective remedy for your baby.

This necklace is made from raw amber and is as natural as it come, the only processing this kind of amber has gone through is cleaning and drilling, the shapes of the beads are also all natural. This kind of amber preserves the most succinic acid and is the most effective teething remedy among all kinds of amber. This is a one of a kind unique product created by nature with minimum human interference. To see the full assortment of our products made of raw material please click on the picture above.

Polished Amber Teething Necklace

Polished Amber Teething Necklace
Polished products are smooth and shiny – give your baby a remedy and a first piece of fine jewelry.

Made from polished amber. Smooth and shiny; it's nice to touch and it's very gentle against the skin. Not only this necklace eases teething, but it's also a fine piece of jewelry for your baby to wear. A unique combination of smoothed stones and rich colors create a sensational synergy. Many people describe this sensation as warming, calming and relaxing. It is very pleasant to play with and we are pretty sure that your baby will love it. You can choose from multiple polished products for babies by clicking the picture above.

Chip Amber Teething Necklace

Chip Amber Teething Necklace
Chip products are light and delicate just like your baby. Amber edges provide a massaging touch, while amber provides a natural pain relief.

Made from amber flakes - they are delightful. After each and every flake has been carefully polished and drilled, the loving hands of our finest craftsman create an astonishing peace of jewelry. Fine edges of very light and silky flakes create a pleasing sensation when come in contact with skin. It is one of the finest and hardest to create designs in our collection. Depending on the material – these fine designs come in a variety of colors. To see the full range of these designs please click the picture above.

Other Products

Grown-ups Amber Teething Necklace
Chose your teething necklace or visit our partner website to discover wide range of fine jewelry, functional accessories, custom products and gift sets for various occasions.

Let's not forget those loving parents, we've got something for you too. Take a look at amber necklace for adults, cords for glasses as well as amber jewelry for mothers and a range of gift sets. Amber is a valuable natural resource that not only looks outstanding but also has healing properties. We have amber jewelry items for young and mature, nevertheless you are most welcome to contact us for custom orders.

Amber Teething Necklace directly from Baltics

The first time you held your new baby in your arms you knew you would do anything for that child. Absolutely anything.

Welcome to parenting. It’s a lifelong journey of all encompassing love, self-discovery and unfortunately, acute sympathy pains for every little scrape, ache and sniffle. For many, the first time this becomes apparent is when teething begins. Although it’s a natural process, when it’s three in the morning and your little one is red faced, drooling and screaming, it can seem downright sadistic.

Studies have shown that if we had to experience it only few of us could handle that kind of pain.

So we reach for the pain relievers. We grab the Tylenol. We reach for the Advil and even primitive oral numbing jells. We grab the something that we’ve been told for years will help them but in actuality, can make them much, much worse.

These typical teething aids are drugs, pure and simple, and are processed like toxins in your baby’s liver.

In fact, the Journal of Pediatrics published a case report wherein parents unknowingly caused liver failure in their toddler after administering 10 days worth of ‘child friendly’ store bought painkillers. You may think that you are helping your little one, but in fact these drugs are doing is masking the pain and polluting their tender systems.

As painful as it is, it is a natural process. Shouldn’t you reach for a natural remedy?

We will ship your amber teething necklace anywhere in the world free of charge and...

With your purchase we will give you a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for your necklace; Unigue and Quality Packaging; Personal Authenticity Tag to ensure quality; With your purchase you will get a Friendly Support all the way from the heart of Baltics - Lithuania; Free worldwide shipping for all products, no minimum amount required. Tracking code provided with all items.
You will get a refund or a replacement of the necklace withing 90 days of your purchase.
Each teething necklace comes in a wax-sealed packaging. The packaging is filled with straw and linen to protect your necklace in a natural fashion.
Every necklace comes with a personalized authenticity tag, our teething products have been tested by National Center for Physical Sciences and Technology to insure the usage of authentic Baltic Sea amber.

More about Amber Teething Necklace

We are not peddling stones dressed up as a charming but useless ‘new age’ cure. We’re not selling polished minerals, rocks or some pretty beads on a string. We are offering legitimate, side effect free relief. Proven effective and drawing on the potent healing properties of nature, Amber Teething Necklace has provided comfort for babies and exhausted parents for centuries. This natural remedy worn against your child’s body has proven pain-killing properties that can provide your child with relief almost instantaneously. Side effects? If you consider anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic and immune boosting properties a side effect, then yes…there are a few. Read more to learn extra about our genuine necklace for teething from Baltics. Don’t let your baby suffer another sleepless night. Put those liver clogging painkillers away and rely on nature’s wisdom to provide the kind of relief you both need.